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Structural and Physical Properties
Crystal symmetry and class Tetragonal, D2d
Space group D122d
Optical homogeneity Dn < 1*10-3

Laser damage threshold ( t = 10 ns, l = 1.06 mm) (MW/cm2)
20 at surface

Dispersion of refractive indices ( Sellmeier equations l in mm )
n2o = 11.5665430 - 18727.290373 / ( 4000.0 - l2 ) - 0.37924315 / ( 0.27551045 - l2 );
n2e = 11.4010875 - 18547.962563 / ( 4000.0 - l2 ) - 0.41697419 / ( 0.32418064 - l2 ).


AgGa1-xInxS2 and AgGa1-xInxSe2 nonlinear crystals with variable chemical composition are novel perspective materials for parametric conversion of the laser radiation. With the In quantity increase the principal refractive indices rise and the value of birefringence changes. The possibility of the controlling In quantity alteration makes it possible to produce the crystals with optimum phase matching angles for the given parametric process, specifically to realize the non-critical processes . The shown curves indicate that for different compositions the minimum phase matching angle practically corresponds to the same pumping wavelength and rises with In quantity increase. The same behavior is typical and for AgGa1-xInxSe2 crystals. To this moment on AgGa1-xInxSe2 elements (x = 0.3) the SHG of CO2 laser with phase matching angle near 90oand process efficiency equal 60% was realized. The main properties of AgGa1-xInxS2 and AgGa1-xInxSe2 crystals are investigating. The high-performance frequency doublers of CO2 laser radiation (range 9.2-10.6 mm) are designed on the basis of AgGa1-xInxSe2 crystals. The power conversion efficiency is about 50-60%.

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